Rebel Republic BV is the place to be for the highest quality gifts, the most beautiful accessories and the best gadgets. We are the cheapest on the internet! How do we achieve this? Rebel Republic does not use expensive marketing campaigns, has no brick-and-mortar stores and don’t need large storage space! A fair price that you will notice in your wallet!
Rebel Republic BV trades under the names RR-Stores, RR-Sport and RR-Events. and Buck-IT. All these brands comes together on our website.


In our webshop you will find 90% of our range. This range is carefully put together on a daily basis and with this we always try to give you an up-to-date picture of the latest trends.

We have chosen to place all sportswear and sports equipment in a stand-alone webshop. By clicking on the RR-Sport button you will be redirected there. The range of all well-known sports brands, but also fitness equipment, changes rapidly. This is why we have a separate department within our company where the website is constantly updated. Here we not only supply to consumers, but also to sports clubs.


We promote our company through a variety of social media channels. In addition, we came up with the concept of organizing (sports) events together with our manufacturers and suppliers. Where the sport is the main focus and we can jointly promote our companies.
You can find these events at RR-Events.

Do you have a good idea or suggestion? Contact us by email or phone.

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