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GIN: Goodsack 0,70ltr.

€ 38,00

The Goodsack classic is a tasty spicy gin with beautiful citrus aromas. Style: Distilled gin Alcohol: 42% Botanicals: 27 botanicals including Bergamot lemon, cinnamon, peppers, lemon balm Smell: Spicy with citrus tones Taste: Citrus, pepper and pleasant bitter aftertaste Finish: With cinnamon and fresh mint Tonic: Combine with an aromatic tonic .

The Goodsack summer is characterized by freshness and floral shades of elderflower. Style: Distilled gin Alcohol: 42% Botanicals: 28 herbs including elderflower, Bergamot lemon, lemongrass Smell: Spicy and floral Taste: Fresh with floral shades of elderflower Finish: With fresh (lemon) thyme and star anise Tonic: Combine with a neutral tonic

The Goodsack Virgin is an alcohol-free gin. Particularly tasteful and distilled with the 7 most characteristic herbs of our Classic gin. Style: Distilled non-alcoholic spirit Alcohol: 0.0%