Scandinavia Trip

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Carlsberg: has become a part of the Danish cultural heritage and the Danish thirst. You will experience a harmonious balance between bitterness and sweet apples while enjoying the bright golden color with the beautiful foam and the smell of pine, straw, hazelnut and woody acid. 4,6% alcohol.

Artic Beer: Brewed under the northern lights, with cold and pure arctic water, Arctic Beer has a fresh and natural taste. A light lager beer with a beautiful, golden color and a fresh aroma of flowers, malt and hops. The beer has a nice foam-head and a mild bitterness.

Tuborg Gold is a strong lager of 5.6% and is popularly known as “The Golden Lady”.

Albani's new Mosaic IPA is a Funen-inspired India Pale Ale brewed with plenty of subtle Mosaic hops. The flavor is rich and delicious, with flavors of mango, lemon, and tropical fruits. On a hot day, this is a wonderful thirst quencher.

Ale No. 16 is a dark, over-fermented gold beer. It is brewed on water, malt, hops and original English yeast. The beer has a malty taste with a touch of nuts, a slightly toasted aroma and a suitable sweetness.