Scandinavia Trip II

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Green Tuborg is Denmark's very first pilsner beer, inspired by the breweries of Pilzen in the Czech Republic, and the name is called pilsner. Green Tuborg has a gentle and fresh flavour, medium and lively and has a pleasant bumble bitterness in the aftertaste.

Falcon extra Brew: Sweden's first 3.5% beer keeps the balance and a steady grip in taste.

Brewmasters IPA is a dry hops and well-balanced IPA that with extra hops gives a unique and refreshing taste.
The aroma is characterized by hops with notes of elderflower. The taste has a good malt sweetness balanced by a crispy bitterness.

Pripps Bl is a pale lager beer with a great bitterness-to-sweetness ratio. The fragrance is bready, with hints of lemon and straw. The flavor is light and refreshing, with a tinge of bitterness towards the finish.

Vestfyen session IPA 2.8% is a Danish ale with aroma and taste of tropical fruits, violets and elderberries. Vestfyen session IPA is available in the regular grocery store. The hops used are Styrian Wolf, a new Slovenian hop that has quickly become popular with its fruity aroma and complex taste profile.