Two Chefs Brewing

€ 2,00

Bon Chef IPA: This cloudy neipa is everyone's friend! The beer has intense fruit aromas of passion fruit and a creamy body. New England IPA - 5%. Super fruity aromas with full creamy body.

Funky Falcon: Super fresh and easy to drink pale ale with a fruity body. Thanks to the hops, the beer brims with citrus and lemongrass aromas. Pale ale 5.2%.

Dragon Kiss: A light yellow session IPA that smells of pine needles and peach. In England this style is drunk as a table beer and that is not without reason, because you can drink this 3.5% session IPA like water. Session IPA - 3.5%. 

Green Bullet: The carefully selected hops make you smell freshly cut grass and a bouquet of flowers. India pale ale 5.7%. Wild peach, grass, citrus, floral, grapefruit
A long but fresh finish and ends with a small bitterness.

White Mamba is a traditional white beer, but with cardamom, coriander seed and lime leaf! 5.0%. Cardamom, spicy, slightly malty, white pepper, lime, pear, lychee. Super fresh and the citrus pops out of the glass.