Can Sessions

€ 2,75

Lowlander IPA: A smooth 6% IPA: citrus, hoppy and refreshing tones of spices.

Lowlander White ale: Botanically brewed white ale (5%) with Curacao orange, elderflower and chamomile.

Frontaal Juice punch: Juice punch is the New England IPA. Cloudy, tropical and juicy. Alcohol percentage: 5.8%.

Koudvuur is a delicious Smoked Porter. An award-winning beer for the world's best smoked beer. A nice and smoky character to enjoy. (6.5%)

Poesiat & Kater Smuling IPA is an ode to the revolution of IPA beer. This makes it full of Pacific Northwest C hops, which gives it the resinous taste of pine and moss. Alcohol percentage of 6.5%.