Uiltje Brewing

€ 2,49

Superb owl 0.2: A refreshing low alcohol IPA that will keep you fresh all night.

Bird of prey: A fruity IPA packed with citra, chinook and mosaic hops. A delicious prey for the IPA fanatic.

Prince owlbert: This classic wheat beer is refreshing like a summer breeze at a knight's tournament. Light and refined, without a trace of the arrogance of, say, a princely lager.

Track down: Juicy pale ale: plenty of room for fruity hop aromas on a firm biscuit taste. The hops give aromas of peach. Dry and fine aftertaste.

FF Lekker: Just sit with your mouth in the sun. Grassy, ​​fruity, fresh bitter. Sensible alcohol content, yet full of flavour.